Working Group 1

WGs1&2, targeted at stakeholders in the ‘analysis arena’, address objectives R1 and C1, delivering:

  • assessment of analytical capacities for pan-European contaminant assessments with raptors
  • the framework European Raptor Biomonitoring Scheme (ERBioMS)
  • a network of analytical labs, and
  • pilot joint assessments and reporting for proof of concept.

WG1 focuses on REACH ‘priority substances’, such as mercury (Hg) and lead (Pb), and engages in particular REACH, Minamata Convention (Hg) and Convention on Migratory Species (Pb) stakeholders.

'Analysis Arena' tasks are divided between two WGs (WG1, WG2) because they engage different contaminants, different laws/policies, different agencies (WG1 is largely ECHA-related, WG2 largely EFSA-related) and, in some cases, different researchers.

These two WGs however work closely together and take a common approach, adopting read-across (between types of compounds) ideas and methodologies as appropriate. Meetings/ workshops are held in parallel, and there will be a joint Training School, allowing for joint sessions to ensure synergies and consistency between the two WGs. Synergies will be created through agreement between WGs1 & 2, per set of compounds, on which species and matrices should and can be monitored and where read-across for species is appropriate.

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WG1 Leader (acting): Lee Walker, CEH (UK) - Email: