Call for Applications for Dissemination Conference Grants

The European Raptor Biomonitoring Facility COST ACTION 16224 announces this call for Dissemination Conference Grants. Up to 2 grants will be made available to eligible COST ACTION participants.

NB: Due to the conclusion of the ACTION on 16 April 2022, these grants are available only for conferences for which all travel has been concluded by 16 April 2022.

What is a Dissemination Conference grant?

A Dissemination Conference consists in a presentation of the work of the Action in high-level conferences by an Action participant.

A Dissemination Conference grant should:

  • Significantly increase visibility of the Action in the research community, can contribute to increasing visibility of the presenter;
  • Attract additional participants and stakeholders and disseminate Action results to relevant end-users at high profile Conferences in the field on a topic relevant to the Action.

Benefits of Dissemination Conference grant:

  • Dissemination Conference Grantee: receives support for attending and presenting the Action, their activities, and results (oral presentation) at a conference and/or for developing new contacts and potential future collaborations.
  • COST Action: receives increased visibility and awareness, new contacts with potential stakeholders.

Scope of the grant

Providing contribution for travelling, accommodation and subsistence expenses, registration fee, printing of scientific poster and overall effort.

Maximum amount

Up to EUR 2000 per grant for face-to-face conferences. The decision on the amount awarded will be made by the Core Group on the proposal of the evaluators and should reflect the duration and location of the Conference and the actual conference fee.


Please see the attached pdf for further details.