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WG3 Meeting held in Brussels

WG3 (Collections Arena) convened a successful meeting in Brussels on 10-11 December 2018 which addressed the Review of Raptor Collections across Europe, and considered the scope of the planned European Raptor Specimen Bank. The meeting was attended by around 20 participants from natural history museums, environmental specimen banks and research collections. A meeting report is in preparation.

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GM2, MC3 and WG4 Meetings dates and venue confirmed

The Second ERBFacility General Meeting (GM2), the Third Management Committee Meeting (MC3) and a WG4 Meeting will be held at La Specola Museum, Florence, Italy from 5-8 March 2019.

Invitations have been issued. If you have not received an invitation and are interested to attend GM2 and/or the WG4 meeting, please use the contact form on this website. 

See the Meetings page for more details.

LIFE APEX: new €3m project to demonstrate use of apex predators for EU chemicals management

A number of ERBFacility participants are involved in a new project funded by LIFE, the EU's dedicated funding instrument for the environment.

LIFE APEX is part-inspired by ERBFacility and the precursor EURAPMON project and will demonstrate biomonitoring using apex predators (including raptors) in support of EU chemicals legislation.

ERBFacility 2018 STSMs

ERBFacility published its 2018 Call for STSMs in August 2018 with a deadline for submissions in September 2018. The Call was circulated widely by email to all Management Committee members and to other participants in the first General Meeting (Ciudad Real, February 2018) with a request to forward to all interested parties.

Seven STSMs were awarded as a result of the Call, three in the Analysis Arena (WGs 1 and 2), one in the Collections Arena (WG3) and three in the Field Arena (WG4). Details of the missions will be posted shortly to this website.