ERBFacility is coordinated through a Management Committee (MC) in accordance with the ‘Rules for Participating in and Implementation of COST Actions’ and ‘COST Action Management, Monitoring and Final Assessment’. The Chair, Vice-Chair, Working Group Leaders (WGLs) and Grant Holder were elected at the first MC meeting in October 2017.

A Core Group (CG) is responsible for steering and monitoring the Action in accordance with work plans and budgets approved by the MC. The CG comprises the MC Chair, Vice-Chair, WGLs, Grant Holder, STSM Coordinator and Communications Manager. 

WGLs are responsible for effective delivery of Working Group (WG) tasks, milestones and deliverables, reporting to the CG and MC. Each WG has established a WG Core Group to ensure action on WG tasks between WG meetings. Progress is advanced and validated through full WG meetings/workshops. WG objectives are advanced through coordinated design of meetings/workshops, short-term scientific missions (STSMs) and Training Schools. Calls for STSMs are developed by the WGs.

Core Group

  • Guy Duke (Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, UK) ERBFacility Chair
  • Al Vrezec (National Institute of Biology, Slovenia), ERBFacility Vice-Chair
  • Lee Walker (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK) Leader, Working Group 1
  • Antonio Garcia-Fernandez (University of Murcia, Spain), Leader, Working Group 2
  • Paola Movalli (Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Netherlands), Leader,Working Group 3
  • Chris Wernham (British Trust for Ornithology, UK), Leader, Working Group 4
  • Oliver Krone (Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Germany), STSM Coordinator
  • Madis Leivits (Estoinian University of Life Sciences, Estonia), Science Communication Manager

Management Committee

Management Committee Members are nominated by the COST National Coordinators for those COST countries which are a Party to ERBFacility. An up-to-date list of the countries that are Parties to ERBFacility is given on the ERBFacility pages on the COST website here.

Each country may nominate up to two Management Committee members and up to two (exceptionally, three or more) Substitutes who attend when full members cannot. An up to date list of the members of the Management Committee and substitutes is given on the ERBFacility pages on the COST website here.

ERBFacility welcomes adherence to the Action by COST countries which are not currently Parties. Researchers from COST countries which are currently not Party to the Action should contact their COST National Coordinator (see contact details by selecting the National Coordinator tab here) to request that their country become a Party to the Action. See also the Join page on this website.



  • Rules for Participating in and Implementation of COST Actions
  • Guidelines for Action Management, Monitoring and Assessment

(both available here)