WG4 virtual meeting: Taking forward a European raptor sampling programme & the ERBF advice hub

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The meeting will be hosted by Dr Chris Wernham , British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Scotland & the ERBF Working Group 4 (Field Arena) Team and will take place on Thursday 22 April, 10:00-15:30 CET.



1.       To update all interested ERBfacility network participants from all 3 arenas (field, collections and analysis) on the work that has taken place and the stage of development of the framework for a European Raptor Sampling Programme (ERSamP) and a related web-based ERBF Advice Hub.

2.       To inform the ERBFacility network about the existing structure and content of the Advice Hub – and seek suggestions, particularly on any gaps in the advice that is provided currently, and to give a final opportunity for members of the ERBfacility network to get involved in the development of any additional guidance materials.

3.       To seek suggestions on how best to disseminate the contents of the Advice Hub and encourage wide use of the guidance materials that it contains, including potential future development and maintenance of ERSamP and the ERBF Advice Hub during the lifetime of COST Action 16224 and beyond.

4.       To inform the network about our current state of knowledge of training and capacity building needs in relation to ERSamP across Europe, and seek to fill gaps in our knowledge by country.



1.       Compiled suggestions for additions/improvements to the Advice Hub and any offers of new participants to help with final drafting of materials.

2.       Compiled suggestions for how best to ensure that the guidance contained within the Advice Hub is disseminated and adapted as widely as possible across Europe, and maintained and developed if necessary during the lifetime of COST Action 16224 and beyond.

3.       Compiled suggestions on future training needs in relation to a European Raptor Sampling Programme, including suggestions for where our current COST Action can help to deliver training before the end of the Action.



We hope that this meeting will be of interest to participants from the whole ERBFacility network, who wish to be updated on the work of the Field Arena Working Group and contribute suggestions for the completion of the work on the Advice Hub and training needs across Europe. The meeting is open to anyone who might have an interest in the topics or who you consider it would be good to get involved in our work before the end of the COST Action. So please do forward on the e-mail to others you feel may be interested.



If you are already registered as a participant in our COST Action and have attended ERBFacility meetings or workshops previously, you should automatically receive a formal invitation from COST soon. If you would like to attend but have not registered with COST already, please e-mail me (chris.wernham@bto.org) with you full name, e-mail address and affiliation (organisation and country) and I will arrange for you to be sent a formal invitation.