WG4 meeting Taking forward good practice guidance, the proof of concept study & planning for the future of the network

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This workshop is convened by Working Group 4 (‘Field Arena’) to help us deliver our work plan and over-arching objectives specified in the COST Action and to assist the Core Group with planning the future deliverables of the Action and the project legacy (see https://erbfacility.eu/).

The specific objectives of this workshop will be:

  1. To plan the tasks for finalising the ERBF Advice Hub and carry out as much of the writing to complete the sections as possible.
  2. To complete the ERBF good practice guidance for vultures.
  3. To discuss and agree the next steps in delivery of the ERBF Proof of Concept study and how to find the resources to deliver the work in a suitable timeframe.
  4. To ‘brain-storm’ the linkages between the different working groups towards a blue-print for any future ERBF, the deliverables from our COST Action, and to start to plan for the legacy of the project.

The workshop aims to produce the following outputs:

  1. An updated Advice Hub document that is nearing completion, with a clear plan and timeline for how to complete the drafting (this is in preparation for asking for wider input to the Advice Hub at a wider ERBF workshop in early 2021)
  2. A near-complete version of the specific good practice guidance for vultures, again with a clear plan and timeframe for completion of the work.
  3. A clear updated plan and timeline for the Proof of Concept study, solutions to any current constraints on delivery and suggestions to solve resourcing issues.
  4. A draft planning document on how the 3 parts of the ERBF – the biomonitoring scheme (ERBioMS); the specimen bank (ERSpecB); and the Sampling programme (ERSamP) – with be linked together, and draft ideas for the nature of deliverables that we will produce on this.
  5. A first set of considerations and suggestions for leaving an appropriate project legacy – how might we sustain our network after the end of the COST Action and move further towards a functional ERBFacility in future?