WG4 meeting on building capacity for contaminant sampling and collection of supporting monitoring data for raptors across Europe

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This WG4 meeting was convened at the Triglav National Park (TNP) Info Centre Dom Trenta, Na Logu in Trenta, Slovenia.

This workshop was convened by WG4 to take forward the capacity building elements of our work programme, both in relation to the agreed Proof of Concept study, and the wider needs of the proposed future European Raptor Sampling Programme (ERSamP).

The workshop aimed to: (1) share experiences and expertise in how to capacity build for field participants in raptor contaminant sampling and contextual data collection across Europe; (2) identify organisations and geographical areas where good practice capacity building is already going on or expertise is held, and areas where there are gaps and expertise/capacity is lacking (and the reasons for this); (3) start to develop best practice guidance on capacity building and training of participants relevant to the types of field participants required by ERBFacility; (4) specifically plan the capacity building required for the agreed ERBFacility Proof of Concept study; and (5) start to plan training activities to be delivered in Grant Period 4 (May 2020 to April 2021) and to consider the resourcing of these capacity building activities.

Approximately 20 participants attended. The workshop report and annexes (including workshop presentations) are available below.