WG1&2 Meeting:WORKSHOP ON POISONING OF RAPTORS IN EUROPE: Towards a European collaborative network against raptor poisoning

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This meeting will be convened at National Museum of Natural History "Grigore Antipa", Bucharest.

This workshop aims to address several issues related to investigations of cause of death in raptors by toxic compounds by direct ingestion of poisoned baits or by consumption of carcasses or animals previously intoxicated. These issues will include:

  • how approaches to investigations (necropsy, forensic methodologies and analytical methods) vary between countries
  • how legal regulations on wildlife poisoning vary¬† between countries and how this impacts diagnostic investigations
  • gaps in the knowledge and constraints to the diagnosis of poisonings
  • the potential to form an informal network between participating laboratories, including the aims and functioning of any such network.

An anticipated output from the workshop is the strengthening of links between laboratories and countries conducting such investigations which will enhance overall ability to investigate poisoning incidents of raptors in Europe.

Approximately 15 participants will attend (by invitation only).

If you are interested to attend this meeting, please contact Antonio Garcia-Fernandez (WG2 Lead) or Rafa Mateo.