Cross-WG Meeting on Developing an ERBFacility Proof of Concept Study and identification of funding opportunities

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This meeting will be convened at BTO Scotland, Stirling University.

The meeting, convened by WGs 1-4, will review current Action progress and develop further the Proof of Concept case study for ERBFacility building on ideas outlined at the meetings in Thessaloniki and Florence. It will develop the objectives, design and deliverables of the case study in more detail. It will also provide opportunity to identify and discuss the relevance to ERBFacility work of a range of potential funding sources. The meeting will produce a final draft modular costed proposal for the ERBFacility Proof of Concept study and a report on the availability of external funding sources relevant to future ERBFacility-linked work.

Approximately 20 participants will attend (by invitation only).

If you are interested to attend this meeting please contact WG3 Lead, Chris Wernham.