3rd General Meeting (GM3), 4th Management Committee Meeting (MC4) and Proof of Concept WG Meeting

Annual General Meetings
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ERBFacility will convene its Third General Meeting (GM3) on Tuesday 4th February (all day) and its Fourth Management Committee Meeting (MC4) on Wednesday 5 February (AM) at the Hall of Biodiversity, Casa Andresen, Rua do Campo Alegre, 1191, 4150-181 Porto, Portugal. The Hall of Biodiversity was recently renovated and was opened by the Portuguese President in June 2017, and is set in the beautiful Porto Botanic Gardens to the west of the city centre. 

We plan to hold an ERBFacility  dinner on the evening of Tuesday 4 Feb (venue to be confirmed).

The focus of the General Meeting will be on a review of progress in GP3 and consideration of priorities for GP4. The GM3 programme and MC4 agenda will be issued in January.

Participation in the meetings is by invitation only. Formal invitations will be issued shortly by the Grant Holder via eCOST. 

  • All Management Committee Members and Substitutes and all GP2 and GP3 Mission Holders will be invited to GM2 (Tues 4 Feb).
  • Full Management Committee Members only will be invited to MC4 (Weds 5 Feb AM). However, if any Full Member declines their invitation, then Management Committee Substitutes will be invited to MC4.

A smaller group of Working Group members (WGs 1&2, 3 and 4) will be invited to join a 'Cross-Working Group meeting on Weds 5 Feb PM and Thurs 6 Feb AM at the same venue. The focus of this meeting will be on developing plans for Proof of Concept work on pan-European biomonitoring.

Please block the dates in your diary and we will issue formal invitations ASAP. NB: Do not book travel or accommodation before receiving a formal invitation via eCOST.

Please however book as soon as possible once you have received your formal invitation in order to secure the cheapest available airfare, as this will allow more of our participants to attend.