Advice Hub

The ERBfacility aims to improve pan-European biomonitoring using raptors, which requires enhanced coordination and capacities across Europe, enhanced cooperation between field, collection and lab arenas, and the sharing of guidance and protocols to encourage the adoption of good practice and harmonised standards. 

In developing this 'Advice Hub', our aim has been to provide freely accessible information and additional signposting to other useful materials to support all aspects of a future fully-functioning ERBFacility. This first phase of publication provides a range of information to support the field monitoring of raptor populations, and collection of samples for contaminant analyses. It is our intention in future to add further materials and to develop the web-based structure. 

Sections availible by ERBF as PDFs:


Outside source:


Sections still under construction

  • Measuring dispersal
  • Welfare considerations when working on raptors
  • How to get people involved in raptor monitoring
  • Training opportunities and skills sharing hub
  • Species-specific monitoring guidance (for focal species/groups)
  • Samples (and focal tissues) that can be analysed and where
  • Guidance on preparation and long-term storage of samples and specimens
  • How to share monitoring information


For questions and comments on any of the materials, have suggestions for additions, or would like to help create new content, please contact .